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Serving employees of the Kroger Delta Division


 Robert Kiyosaki Why the Rich Get Richer
 The Magic of Compounding
 Financial Websites
 Glossary of Mutual Fund Terms
 Introduction to Indexes
 Invest Money to Reach Your Goals
 Load vs. No Load
 Mutual Funds

Be on the Alert for Fraud

During these economic times, fraud activity is on the rise.
Be sure that you’re checking your account on a daily basis, and know the extent of your financial liability.

Please take time to read the following articles listed below:

 How to protect yourself from Phishing Scams
 How to Protect Yourself and Your Good Name
 How Do Thieves Steal an Identity
 Debit Card Liability

Payday Lending

 The Darker Side of Payday Loans
 Financial Quicksand
 Tennessee Payday Lending Laws
 Mississippi Payday Lending Laws
 Arkansas Payday Lending Laws

Car Buying/Refinance Tips

 The Truth About Gap Insurance
 10 Tips to Keep You From Getting Ripped by Dealer Financing  How to Sell Your Car for the Highest Price Possible
 6 Common Sense Car Buying Tips
 How to Get the Most Money for your Car Trade-In
 How to Trade In a Car You Still Owe Money On
 The Truth About 0% Financing
 5 Best Conditions to Refinance Your Car

Debit Cards

 Debit Card Liability
 Debit Card Usage Tips
 The Debit and Credit Comparison
 Debit Advantage
 Are Debit Cards the New Credit Cards?
 New Federal Rules Limit Debit Card Overdrafts


 100 Tips for Saving Money for Those Just Getting Started
 66 Ways to Save Money
 Save for Your Future
 Saving for College
 Saving for Education
 Teach Your Kids

Credit – Fico score

 How to Improve your Fico Score in Perilous Times
 8 Great Tips to Improve Your Credit Score
 Credit Score Facts & Fallacies
 What is a Good FICO Credit Score?
 Why FICO Scores Go Down
 Credit Inquiries
 What's Not in Your FICO Score
 FICO Reveals How Common Credit Mistakes Affect Scores
 5 Ways to Kill Your Credit Scores
 Raise Your Credit Score to 740


 The Debt Snowball Method
 % for Budget Categories
 3 Big Debt Relief Tips
 5 Great Money Saving Tips
 Budget Worksheet
 Buried in Debt - Debt Relief Options
 Check your Financial Health
 Checkbook Balancing Form
 Credit Cards
 Credit Counseling
 Finding a Reputable Credit Counseling Agency You can Trust
 Four Reasons You Should Balance Your Checkbook Monthly
 Household Budget Tips
 How To Balance Your Checkbook
 How to Develop a Debt Relief Plan
 New Credit Card Rules Coming in 2010

Fuel Economy

 Fuel Economy Guide 2010
 Fuel Economy Guide 2009

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

 Learn About IRAs
 Traditional IRA
 Roth IRA
 Convert to Roth IRA? Changes in 2010
 New Roth IRA Conversion Opportunities in 2010

Media Comments on Credit Unions and Banks

 Credit Unions Thrive During Financial Crisis
 CU's step up as banks retreat - Reuters
 For better banking check out a credit union
 Good Morning America Check out a CU
 MarketWatch Why CUs make sense
 Media quotes on Credit Unions
 More quotes about Credit Unions
 Boston Globe When lenders say no, turn to CUs
 CBS Early Show, Other Media Give Boost to Credit Unions
 Blogger Loves Her 'Bank,' but Oops it's a Credit Union
 USA Today Offers Tips on Switching to Credit Unions
 WSJ, CNN: Seek Credit Cards at Credit Unions
 Banks Make $38 Billion from Overdraft Fees
 Bad Times for Banks Mean Boom Times for Credit Unions
 Credit Unions Cash in on Banking Backlash

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Equal Housing Lender

We do business in accordance with the
Federal Fair Housing Law and the
Equal Credit Opportunity Act.


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